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Beast in a Box Whole Beast Summer Cuts B

Beef in a Box Whole Beast
Your Beast in a Box takes gourmet convenience to a whole new level! Simply select your beast portion, choose your pack, and your premium aged beef will be freshly prepared and packed to your order.

The convenience and quality of Your Beast in a Box is only outweighed by it’s value: pound for pound, these packs offer the best price per weight for quality aged beef. Love your beef? So do we!

You are ordering a whole beast which equates to;
140kg for $2100 ($15 per kg for all cuts)
1 x Beast summer-B

Pack Configuration
Summer Cuts A
Summer Cuts B
Winter Cuts A
Winter Cuts B
Mince (Brisket & Gravy Beef)
Shin - Mince
Shin - On Bone
Sausages (Beef OR Gluten & Pres Free)
BBQ steak (Blade & Thick Flank)
Stew (Blade & Thick Flank)
Bolar - Roasts
Rolled Roasts
Topside - Schnitzel
Silverside - Corned


If you are looking for more variety than a single style of cuts allows, please make up your order by mixing and matching from our Quarter Beast selections.

Sausage Type
Sausage packing sizes:
Servings per package size:
When you order Beef In A Box we can offer you complementary Soup and Dog food bones at no additional cost
Soup Bones
Dog Bones

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Middle Bacon

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