Beast In A Box

Why order a steak when you can have the WHOLE COW?


Your Beast in a Box is here!


Your Beast in a Box is a revolutionary concept offering you maximum control over the quantity and quality of your meat! Combining a convenient online ordering process with fantastic value and quality, Your Beast in a Box gives you the power to choose everything from the size of your order (from a quarter beast, a half beast or a whole beast) through to the cut configuration and the package portions.


Best of all, we hang all of our beasts bone-in for a minimum of 7 days, ensuring you receive premium aged beef with unbelievable flavour.


For many years we have listened to our customers cry out for a simpler, more intuitive solution to their family’s meat-based shopping needs. Convenience is lacking, and quality is often compromised for value.


We listened to these problems, and we decided it was time to offer a service that would meet all of these needs simply and easily: designed for small to large families, combining convenience, quality and value. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?
It’s not.


Your Beast in a Box offers a customisable prime meat selection in a variety of beast sizes and configurations, to suit your budget, your family size, and your tastes!


Choose from prime Summer Cuts, perfect for the BBQ, the grill, for quick meals and large gatherings; or select the Winter Cuts option – ideal for slow cookers, roasts, stews and rich, meaty meals.


Your Fresh Meat Company is well-known for providing expertly trimmed, carefully aged beef cuts – now you can experience their mouth-watering products for yourself at a price that finally brings value and quality back into the same sentence.


How does it work?


Ordering Your Beast in a Box is simple!


Step One

Choose your beast portion!
¼, ½, or whole beast


Step Two

Cut configuration
Begin your ordering process by confirming your choice of cuts. Do you need dog bones or soup bones? How would you like your sausages packed? Check the options on your form.


Step Three

Choose your pack size!
Are you a family of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? Select the option that best represents your needs.


Step Four

Select your payment option and collection preference.
You will receive your order confirmation, along with details of collection point and delivery date: we’ll meet you there with your convenient Beef in a Box package frozen and ready to go home with you.





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 Gluten Free Sausages (Beef)
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 Chorizo Sausages
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